PureRoots Botancials: A Unique Organic Hemp Experience

Redefining Hemp

At PureRoots we are redefining hemp from the roots up. We focus on small batches grown from our own curated strains carefully cultivated in our indoor gardens and harvested to maximize terpenes and cannabinoids to provide you the purest full-spectrum CBD on the market.

From Soil to Oil

So how do we make the purest full-spectrum CBD? We developed a fully integrated organic process to ensure every step of the way is tailored for the highest quality, purest product.

It all starts with the soil. We use a no-till living soil that, like a fine wine, gets better with age. Hemp likes to soak up everything it can from soil, both nutrients and unwanted pesticides, metals and pollutants. We feed our soil instead of feeding the Hemp directly in order to keep a delicate balance of nutrients. The soil is tested regularly and we also test plant tissue using SAP analysis to avoid buildups between the plants and the soil. It’s all about creating a harmony in the environment, producing a scientifically pure, pharmaceutical-grade product.

Genetic selection sets our plants attributes apart from any other Hemp grower on the market. We grow our plants with maximum support for the customer in mind. We select genetic qualities that result in full spectrum profiles of terpenes and cannabinoids, while the competition sacrifices those qualities for maximum yield. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, purest product to our consumers. We do not take clones from other growers. Rather, we select clones from our strongest plants to ensure consistency. You can enjoy a consistent effect and quality across all of our products because of our unique cloning process.

Pharmaceutical-grade CBD does not begin in the lab, it truly begins with the soil and how the plants are grown. It cannot be achieved through large commercial outdoor growers trying to reap the reward of your hard-earned dollars. To grow pharmaceutical-grade plants that produce consistent batches time after time you have to control their environment from grow to grow. One year in the fields it may be hot and dry while the next wet. Weather patterns change and so will the profiles of the plants in the field. They will be higher or lower in different terps and cannabinoids from year to year which means you are not getting a consistent medicine.

That’s why most CBD comes from isolate. A plant that has everything stripped but the CBD. It did not come from pure plants but plants that have been refined to remove everything bad and good, but the one molecule left, CBD. That is what they call pharmaceutical grade when all that has been done in a lab certificated for processing at that level. You must start at the beginning not mid way through the process in order to be pure. That is the PureRoots way.

PureRoots Insiders

Here at Pure Roots, we want our customers to #GetRooted and reap the benefits of our insider program! An annual payment of $49.95 will get you a free welcome gift from us of your choosing as well as 20% off all of our products at a wholesale price at any time throughout the year, and free shipping from our stores to you.

After becoming a Pure Roots Insider, you get to choose one of our three intro boxes just for joining. Our first package is the whole body support combo. In this package, you will receive your choice of tincture, and we also include our pain gel and our healing balm. Our second welcome package is our smokable combo which includes a carefully curated bundle of our smokable strains for you to try. The last option is our tincture combo where we include 4 10ml bottles of our highly-rated tinctures in our original, mint, orange/vanilla, and wild berry flavors. All of these packages have a retail value of $49.99, so by joining the program, you end up saving money by getting a 20% discount on each future purchase at a wholesale price not available in stores as well as free shipping.