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3 Reasons to Choose PureRoots Botanicals

Deciding which CBD farm to source your product from is one of the most significant decisions that CBD retailers will ever make. From top to bottom, every decision that CBD suppliers make will ultimately reflect on the retailer’s business. After all, you’re selling these products to customers who are trusting you with their health, or their pets’ health. You want to make sure that everything from the farm to the manufacturing to the research and development remains current with licenses, certificates, clean and scientific practices, and performs 3 rd party lab testing. These are all steps we take at PureRoots Botanicals, since our very first day.

We were meticulous about choosing our CBD growing methodologies and are one of the few seed-to-sale farms on the east coast. Our brand’s reputation as being fully organic, sustainable, and one of the cleanest CBD operations is rooted in compliance with federal law and transparency in our seed-to-sale cycle. We’ll discuss the characteristics of good CBD oil manufacturers, certificates of analysis (COAs) you should look for, and how PureRoots Botanicals can help your brand become one of the top CBD companies in the market!

CBD Bulk Pricing Benefits

Whether you want to sell PureRoots Botanicals organic products at your store, or want to enter into a partnership with us, you will need a variety of CBD products to be successful as a retailer. We offer a plethora of products ranging from flowers to tinctures to pet CBD products to pain gels. No matter which product you desire most, everyone gets a discount when they order in bulk from us. The more you buy, the more you save. It’s that simple.

CBD Manufacturer vs. CBD Company

There is a large difference between CBD manufacturers and CBD companies. If you’re looking to purchase CBD oil products wholesale or for a private label, then you are a CBD company. You are looking for CBD oil suppliers who can help you realize your business and sales goals.

CBD manufacturers are the ones who have the technology necessary to extract CBD oil from the plant. Depending on the manufacturing facility, they can run multiple operations. Understanding these differences is essential for running your business. Finding the best manufacturer to fit your business is going to be paramount in your success. Pricing is key, but quality is king in this industry. A low-priced but low-quality manufacturer might turn you a short-term profit, but customer dissatisfaction with the product may be a problem too difficult to overcome.

Seed-to-Sale Farming Practices

Seed-to-sale farming is a vertically integrated CBD manufacturing process that ensures consistency in quality through the hemp plant lifecycle. Seed-to-sale farms are rare because they require a large amount of scientific knowledge, resources, and capital to start and maintain. However, this type of CBD manufacturing usually results in the highest quality product, that can be trusted to be consistent in every batch.

Pure Root Botanicals uses multiple certificates of analysis* to provide a detailed report of what is in our hemp extract that we supply. We pride ourselves on a fully transparent experience with our partners, so that they may rest assured that they are selling top quality products that will result in customer satisfaction

3 Reasons to Choose PureRoots Botanicals as Your CBD Supplier

Choosing between CBD oil suppliers is a difficult decision. That’s why PureRoots Botanicals is making the
decision easy. We have everything necessary to set you up for success.

1. Superior Product

Top CBD companies don’t get where they are without having high-quality products. Our CBD manufacturing process implements cutting-edge technology that makes extremely small CBD particles. This process gives our line of full spectrum products high bioavailability, meaning the consumer will feel the effects of the CBD more efficiently. Plus, our tinctures and jarred gels are now USDA certified organic.

2. Transparent and Consistent

Every batch of our premium-grade products is tested for purity throughout every step of the process. Our lab reports are easy to find on our product pages. We’re so sure that each batch will be the same high quality that every order is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee.

3. Unparalleled Customer Service

Your success is ours. That’s why we partner you with a specialist who will be your sole contact for orders. This practice helps build trust and communication between both partners. We also offer free shipping and drop-shipping opportunities to meet your brand’s unique demands.

Are You Ready to Partner with PureRoots Botanicals?

The beauty of partnering with PureRoots Botanicals is we did all the hard work for you. We can ensure that the seed-to sale cycle is within its best-by date, that we have all of our licenses and certificates, and that we have all of our COAs available for viewing.* You can focus on the fun stuff like designing packaging, marketing initiatives, and choosing products.

***All asterisk claims are assumptions based on top industry examples

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