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About Us

What Pure Roots is About?

At Pure Roots Botanicals, we are dedicated to crafting the finest cannabis products from 100% legal and compliant hemp. Our mission is to deliver the purest form of the plant in every product we offer, whether it’s flowers, gummies, tinctures, or topicals.

We understand that some people are concerned about the use of hemp products. That’s why we ensure our products are made without harsh solvents such as alcohol, butane, or hydrocarbons. This commitment guarantees that the quality of our products is preserved from start to finish, providing you with the safest and most natural experience possible.

Meet the Team

At Pure Roots Botanicals, our passion for excellence is driven by a dedicated team of experts who share a common goal: to bring you the finest, 100% USDA organic hemp products. Get to know the people behind the scenes who make it all happen.


Ben Cerullo, Owner of Pure Roots

Ben Cerullo

Owner, Master grower & Operations Specialist

Carlos Otero

Carlos Otero

Website & E-commerce Sales Director

Jim Lloyd

Post Harvest & Extraction Manager

Micah Prince

Lead Cultivation Associate

Sam McLaughlin

Retail Sales Manager

Taylor McLaughlin

Customer Service, Quality Control & In-house Design

Lynna Jensen

Office Manager

Sergio Rocha

Sergio Rocha

Packaging & Fullfilment

Adrian Matera

Cultivation Associate

Pure Roots Botanicals is more than just a cannabis company; we are about finding your therapy. We believe in providing natural relief without the use of harmful chemicals, avoiding addictions and side effects. Our goal is to offer you a therapeutic experience that is both effective and safe.

We are committed to changing perceptions and showing that hemp can be a safe, natural alternative for wellness. Discover the Pure Roots difference and find your path to natural wellness with our premium, craft cannabis products.