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About Us

What Pure Roots is About?

Our goal at Pure Roots Botanicals is to make the best cannabis goods possible by using only hemp that is grown legally and organically.

We know that some people are worried about the use of hemp goods. Because of this, we make sure that our goods aren’t made with harsh solvents like hydrocarbons, alcohol, or butane. This promise makes sure that the standard of our products stays high from beginning to end, giving you the safest and most natural experience possible.

Meet the Team

An expert team at Pure Roots Botanicals drives our desire for excellence. They all have one goal: to bring you the best, 100% USDA organic hemp products. Learn about the people who make everything possible.

Ben Cerullo, Owner of Pure Roots

Ben Cerullo

Owner, Master grower & Operations Specialist

Jim Lloyd

Post Harvest & Extraction Manager

Taylor McLaughlin

Customer Service, Quality Control & In-house Design

Micah Prince

Lead Cultivation Associate

Sam McLaughlin

Retail Sales Manager

Lynna Jensen

Office Manager

Sergio Rocha

Sergio Rocha

Packaging & Fullfilment

Adrian Matera

Cultivation Associate

There’s more to Pure Roots Botanicals than just cannabis. We help you find your treatment. We believe in using natural remedies instead of dangerous drugs to help people feel better without causing addiction or other problems. The thing we want is to give you a healing experience that is safe and helps.

We want to change people’s minds about hemp and show that it can be a safe, natural way to improve health. Find out what makes Pure Roots different, and use our high-quality, hand-crafted cannabis goods to get healthy naturally.